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Restaurants in Gold Beach, Oregon


Spinner's is one of the finest dining restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. It is located at the mouth of the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon. They serve fresh seafood, delicacies in season, and homemade pies, cakes and pastries. 

Barnacle Bistro

The Barnacle Bistro serves the highest quality ingredients as they focus on seasonal products while keeping reasonable prices. They have been open since 2009, serving their version of comfort and coastal foods. 

Port Hole Cafe

The Port Hole Cafe is a clean, family-friendly cafe with a large variety of Micro-Brews.  They have been family owned for over 36 years and use only the freshest ingredients and fresh in-season seafood. Some of their dishes include clam chowder, fish & chips, and fresh home-baked pies.